I’m back. It was a needed hiatus to sort out what’s important in my life and hence what I should consider blogging about.

As a Lenten exercise, abstaining from a worldly thing or activity serves to direct one’s thoughts to God and to Eternity. (End of homily. More later. Maybe.)

Yes, I have spent this six weeks de-cluttering. De-Cluttering, I would define, as getting rid of the crap in your spaces, be that space a closet, a dresser drawer, a kitchen cabinet, or the space between one’s ears.

MrsCorC? and I had, more or less, been decorating with junk. We had been putting things away secretly hoping the cabinets, closets and drawers would magically “disappear” for us the things we didn’t use or need or want, but lacked the emotional ruthlessness to toss willfully. For example, we have a plastic cup from Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium commemorating the last season played there by the Oreos, err, Orioles. A treasure? Would my as yet unborn grandchild appear on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow in 2051 with said cup and discover that this little propylene gem is worth a Zillion Dollars?

Imagine that.

We have made several trips to the thrift shop with our stuff and it feels pretty good. We saved tins from crackers, cookies, candy, coffee, dishwasher pods. They lived on top of the kitchen cabinets, attracting grease and dust. Finally I said we’re putting them to good use or recycling them. And I did just that. And they actually look pretty good. They hold the baked goods or coffee or dishwasher cleaning pods and they look kinda cool doing just that.

Last night, however, I discovered whilst cleaning and dusting the exteriors and tops of the cabinets that said cabinets were held to the wall by long wood screws going through a strip of particle board. One tore off the wall when I touched to climb down from the step stool/ladder. Down it came, breaking numerous cups and glasses Oh Well.

Kitschy Kitchen Kontainer featuring Astro

Charming cracker tins attest to the homeowner’s commitment to adaptive reuse.

Cabinet on Floor, not wall. Tulips came from our garden.

Note particle board strip up top.