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Figuratively, of course. I came to the realization that that is precisely what I am doing. Call it belated New Year’s Resolve to Do Things Right For A Change, By Golly!

It’s just that goals and purpose in my life got muddled. The new glasses and the haircut shook me out of my complacency. Add to those look-changers shaving my beard off. That action brought the only near-instantaneous Buyer’s Remorse. Then again the beard grows back pretty quickly.

I just started thinking about all that I do reflexively. For example,  I will do something with the computer without fully clearing out old stuff. It’s like the computer needs a cyber-enema.

So today I got some techs to go over the machine to clear out unnecessary programs and updating drivers , all with the intention of optimizing performance. Any of this activity merely reaffirms that I have not the foggiest of ideas of what I have been doing, am doing now, or will do in the future. Anybody else like this?

That completed, and with face and skull in transition, I decided to began my figurative clean out.

1) What’s Important and Must Be Kept: Sobriety, Faith, and Fitness.

A clear head, free of alcohol and drugs fosters honesty for me.

My Faith opens the door to Love. Not sentimental “niceness”, but not harsh judgmentalism either fall within my concept of Love. Lots of acceptance of people as they are comes with my idea of Love. I must point out when my friends are on the road to self-destruction, but understand that I can’t make them who they aren’t. That either makes sense or is just so much psychobabble.

Fitness is taking caring of my body. Exercise means swimming for me. Long restorative swims work my muscles.

Fitness means eating right and eating well. To that end I bought Ghirardelli 100% Cacao Baking Chocolate, and Nielsen-Massey Vanilla. Luckily I know plenty of Chocolate Sluts. There will be some serious chocolate goodies prepared here.

OK, one of the Techie Types will be calling soon about something.

Here is a pic of Beardless Me. I’m beginning to scare myself