There’s no Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. It’s just been snowing in Richmond since mid-afternoon. It rarely snows this early in the season. I imagine the local TV guys are going nuts. The local snow coverage makes the JFK assassination story look like a supermarket opening,

But it is beautiful. I am watching the Virtual Railcam LLC webcam view of Ashland near Richmond. It is a picture book small town longitudinally bisected by double railroad tracks. We all agree Ashland is a nice place. And it looks great in the snow at Christmas with the Christmas lights and all.

I haven’t been away today. I fixed tonight’s chicken vegetable soup out of what was on hand. And the cornbread too.

I might start to worry if it doesn’t let up by tomorrow afternoon. But the value of snow around here is the opportunity to sit back and reflect. It is at most a three or four day inconvenience.  Here in Richmond, the go-to snow removal guy is called Mr Sun.