There it was, on the blacktop in the parking space beside the Mercury, a Starbucks cup. 

“What’s this doing here?”

” I don’t know. It was there when I got in the car. Somebody parked in the space, put the cup there, then drove off and left it.”

“Oh. Didn’t you leave a Starbucks cup in the car? I thought maybe you…”

“Why would I put a cup in  that space? Besides, there is lipstick on the lid. I don’t even own lipstick, especially in that shade of red.”

“That’s right you don’t wear lipstick. What was I thinking?”

What was I hoping for, wishing for, dreaming of, that maybe, just maybe, you would embrace your femininity? Because it would give me just a bit of pleasure to see you dolled up just a little bit. Maybe I’d feel like a husband, better yet your lover,instead of your housemate.