I had my Weight Watchers weigh-in today. I am keeping the weight off. Still Lifetime. The long spell of too much coffee and too little sleep caught up with me. I crashed this afternoon And had a good long nap. Mrs CorC? has been gone studying for her .medical billing and coding class. 

I was alone and lonely until I cleaned the kitchen while watching the Yankees rally to win Game Four of the American League Championship Series. It was baseball at its best. There is no better sport than baseball, well played.

Today was a day off from swimming. I get plenty of swimming done. 

I’ve been reading blogs and I am always filled with admiration for my blogging colleagues and how they fearlessly share their lives.

Meanwhile, on the trainspotting front, I just watched a fast freight on the second track overtake a passenger train just pulling out of the ststion. Quite a sight to see. This is one heck of a hobby.

OK. Feel much better.