We look at our desires within a context of sinister motives. The sex drive outside of marriage is viewed as lust. We want someone as a partner, as a lover outside of that marital bond and it is considered, by some people, at least, as lust.  Marriage is construed as the societal construct that keeps that lust in check and puts it to the good use of perpetuating the society and the culture. OK.

 Lust isn’t about just sexual gratification. Lust is the soul seeking to thwart loneliness.  At a very basic level, the soul only knows that it is lonely, just as a hungry baby cries because all she or he knows is that she or he is hungry,

I spent the day lonely as Mrs CorC? worked. When we finally were reunited, we were grooveing on each others presence. The one-dimensional aspect of our marriage thwarted sexual expression.. 

Still her being home fills a void at least,