This morning I woke around 3:45, and decide I shall be up for awhile. I turn on YouTube and resume watching Phillippe Noiret in Coup De Torchon. I remember seeing this film when it was released. Over time, I became a huge Phillipe Noiret fan. Cinema Paradiso is my favorite Noiret film.  So yeah, I’m guilty of being a sentimental slob.The YouTube version of Coup De Torchon is chopped up and hard to follow. I lose interest, but can’t get back to bed. 

 Eventually I end up watching an infomercial for the Abdoer360, a product that promises incredible results!  This device features a seat that rotates on a chair platform and promises to give you a great abdominal workout.  Given that Infomercial World is a magic place where amazing things happen, I suppose that’s possible. 

Finally I go back to bed.  When I wake up, I have the “I didn’t sleep enough” feeling. Mrs CorC? is heading to work. I have a day where a swim isn’t mandatory and the chores can wait. Bedtime can be whenever I want it. 

I made decaf. And my eyeballs want to know what my eyelids are doing open.  A fantasy creeps into my head about what kind of lover I would be today, after my sexuality has been bottled up for 10+ years. A follow-up fantasy follows of a woman I’ve never met, but who has an aura of passion about her. Need, longing, lust escape the little prison we call today.