I am swimming an awful lot this month, averaging six days out of seven.  At one point, I saw that I could swim a total of forty miles this month.  Then, when my sister and her husband went on vacation to Florida, I saw that this goal was readily within reach. You see DH, my brother-in-law, usually takes D my stepmom to the Y on days when I don’t. So with going to the Y daily darn near mandatory, there was no reason for me to wheedle out of a swim.  As of yesterday, I have swum 26.4 miles (42.5km). This leaves a little over thirteen miles left with ten days to finish. At 2500 meters per day, this is readily do-able.  The good news is my repaired parts, especially my rotator cuff, are holding up.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen,  I have been trying new stuff.  I had some leftover slow-cooked cilantro lime chicken I made pulled chicken tacos with. I did cheat and use a packet of Old El Paso Chicken Taco Seasoning.  I found Ortega Blue Corn Taco Shells.  Even 60+ year-old Adults like Taco Night.  I also made a sweet & sour red cabbage/apple side dish, spiced with cinnamon, clove and coriander that was also yummy. Real easy to make: slice or chop the red cabbage.  Core a Granny Smith apple and cut in rings.  Put in a non-stick skillet over medium heat, turning frequently. Add the spices. I don’t measure. I use the “That tastes good.” standard. When good and cooked down, I add a tablespoon of turbinado sugar (brown sugar would also work) and a tablespoon of vinegar.  Maybe more, if that sweet/sour experience is your “thing”.  Turn down the heat to warm or thereabouts. Remember to eat it.

At three A.M, when I couldn’t sleep, I woke up and read a story in a Lesbian BDSM anthology, I “inherited” from my deceased lesbian cousin’s cache of books. The Second Coming  is a collection of stories essays and photographs compiled by Pat (now Patrick) Califia and Robin Sweeney. (Alyson Books, 1996)The story “Possession”  by Sorel Husbands is a pretty powerful gang rape fantasy, that works because of how it deals with emotions and psychology.  Not for the squemish, but the author emphasizes that it is fantasy.   My erotic sensibilities and experiences are, more or less, on hiatus.  So I read a lot of stuff, somewhat dispassionately.

The balance of today will consist of the Y and a swim, AA, finding something for lunch, and dreaming up something to fix for dinner. Salmon appears to be winning. I’ll find some asparagus too.

Life is good.

Hug your children.

Love your lovers .

Make sure your pets are well hydrated.

Keep cool.