I am watching a video on YouTube of a gastronome ( fancy word for Foodie), eating in a bunch of restaurants in Lisbon. I don’t need to watch this after my recent weight loss successes. If you ever doubted the accuracy of the term “food porn”, this video will dispel all scepticism.  The guy doing this video is thin as a reed. He must either have a turbocharged metabolism or he vomits a lot!

I have wanted to go to Lisbon ever since I became a devotee´ of Fado, Portugal’s version of the blues.  Maybe there is nothing to do in Lisbon but eat and listen to Fado.  If so, you could do much, much worse.

The surprising thing about the cuisine is how much they use codfish in the dishes. Actually, not surprising, when one pauses to consider the Portuguese have fished off North America for nearly five hundred years. Cod, bacalao, is salted, then rinsed, and prepared. Also I noticed the humble garbanzo bean, chickpeas.  As one of the world’s preeminent spice traders since the time of Columbus, Portuguese cuisine is anything but bland.

Lisbon, anyone?  We don’t need no stinkin’ Weight Watchers! (Just kidding)