It has been a long time, a long time since I weighed under 200 pounds. At the Y, I weigh in every day I work out. I’ve shared how I have been going to Weight Watchers regularly and following their Smart Points© system. It works. It’s fun to track. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to eat some delicious food.

I wasn’t expecting to weigh under 200 so soon after I went back. The swimming helps. But following the plan is what makes the difference.

I have plans for the rest of the week. Believe it or not, I am intimidated by the Kitchen Aid stand mixer that is parked on the kitchen counter. One of my projects is to use the Kitchen Aid to make pizza dough.

I must say I am touched by the “likes” and kind wishes around my previous posts. It means a lot. I’ve grown very fond of my fellow bloggers whose posts I read and who, in turn, read my posts. Thank you. I love you all,