According to the YMCA, who manage a bunch of indoor swimming pools across the length and breadth of the Good Old U.S. of A, lightning can travel through glass and strike an indoor pool.  Understandably this would be bad news for anybody swimming in an indoor pool at the time of the lightning strike.  Currently we are having a thunderstorm.   I have yet to swim today.  The chance of a swim looks sketchy right now. But I get plenty of exercise.  Still I want to go swimming. Right now.

It has been a good day, all in all, despite watching the Yankee relief pitcher walk, yes, walk in what would be the winning run in a 7-6 loss.  This is torture, real torture for me. Tie me up. Beat me. Spank me. Peg my ass with the biggest strapon you own. Just don’t let me watch another fiasco like this