Saturday we went to 5:30 Vigil Mass. This created a Sunday with unlimited late sleeping. Yesterday was brunch and nap and swimming and AA and softball/baseball on TV.  MrsCorC? was doing something with one of her friends and said I was free to enjoy my time on my own.  I last saw her when I left to go to the Y.  She was going to meet up with her friend L and wouldn’t be home when I returned from the pool.  I decide to go to AA. About 8:00, there is a text from her on my phone “I haven’t heard from you in four hours I’m worried.  Are you OK?”. 

“I’m fine. Was at AA. Coming home.”  I text back.  I had made the critical error that my free time would be free from any obligation to “check in”. Big mistake.  So last night was the mix of nice words but icy demeanor.

Now it is Monday. I have been up since about 6:00 AM. And it feels like Monday.  My eyeballs are burning. I want to sleep some more.  I can take a nap if I want to.  I am re-fucking-tired, after all.  I lie down.  But sleep doesn’t happen.  I’m back up.  I need to write.  But I have nothing to say except that it’s Monday and I need a nap.

More will be revealed.