What prompted the increased vigor toward getting rid of stuff is the spectre of my YMCA dues being drafted from my checking account sometime around Monday. If I can sell enough books to cover the dues, that would be great. I’m about 20% there already.  It’s a fun game.  

Sleep? I’m pro-sleep. And yet….

It comes hard. Sleep. I wake up at night from the discomfort of being in one position, am awake for an hour or so.  Last night, at 3:00 AM, I watched a re-broadcast of a Big 10  Women’s Softball Tournament Game.(Note: There are more than ten universities in the Big Ten,  but the Big However Many Colleges Are In The Conference This Year is a bit unwieldy.)  In my senescence, I’m watching more baseball and softball, with a greater appreciation for the games than I’ve ever had before in my life.  I finally got sleepy again, around 4:00 AM and slept til 7:00 AM.  This is all an aftermath of the back surgery.

In this room straightening and book culling, I’ve found several tubes of lubricant, intended for use in sexual activities, all unopened. Add the Magic Wand Vibrator to the lube tubes and you get the idea how bleak my life my love life is.