Last month, we ponied up the money to get FIOS.  So far, I am happy with it for both the internet speeds and the television package. My new favorite sport is Women’s College Softball. The women are great athletes and competitors and the game is very interesting and fun to watch. It’s worth the cost of FIOS to watch these athletes. 

I did some house cleaning, floor mopping, tub-scrubbing, deep-down cleaning. I worked up a good sweat and had a generally fun time. 

I fixed some salmon steaks for dinner. Used the convection oven  feature. Nice fish. I went with the wild sockeye salmon rather than the farm-raised kind.

It was a good day that included a 2500 meter swim. Life is good. 

When I do positive things, I feel positively about the state of the world. It’s not as if there are no problems and concerns.  Rather, I feel that there isn’t an issue that can’t be resolved. Enemies? None that I’m aware of.