Late today, close to dusk, I decided to walk. It was after 7:00 PM when I began. It was clear, with a breeze, and what I would call a perfect temperature, 60° F. The sun was beginning to set and it grew a little darker with each circuit of my neighborhood.

Our vocabulary, definitions, and concepts around sex are filled with irony and paradox. Every time I exercise, my libido awakens and I fantasize as I walk or swim. I’m not just a dominant male, but a dutiful submissive perhaps. As a cool breeze blows, my tactile sense awakens, and my skin is erotically charged. 

With the increased exertion of the walk, comes the eager anticipation of the hot shower, the scent of soaps, cologne. Peppermint, patchouli, sometimes sandalwood. 

The erotic is what we create. It is a bridge to the world, a link to our lovers.