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Even though I am retired, I still believe I have to be doing something “useful”. There was this block on the report card in elementary school that said “Uses Time Wisely”I knew that one better be checked  or there would be adverse outcomes at home.  Last night, I was tired, fell asleep next to MrsCorC?, while Christopher Guest’s Best In Show was on.  I love that film, but I dozed off anyway.  At its conclusion, Mrs CorC? announced that Downton Abbey would resume in the DVD player. I was now awake, unable to resume my sleep. I got up to brush my teeth.  While brushing, I realized I had yet to pray  The Rosary today. I blew that off with an “Oh well”, then started my flossing.

After my dental hygiene ritual, I went to the other bedroom, put my jammies on and started Bach’s St Matthew Passion on the CD player. It was about 11:10 PM, at which point I said, “Just go pray The Rosary anyway. No way are you sleepy!”. Downstairs I went and began, contemplating the Fruits of each Glorious Mystery; The Resurrection-Faith, The Ascension-Hope, Descent of The Holy Spirit-Love of God, The Assumption-Grace of a Happy Death, The Coronation-Trust in Mary’s Intercession.  Praying The Rosary gets me out of my head and my self-absorption.  Prayer rekindles my love for humanity and my concern for God’s Creation.

So I’m finally tired enough to go to sleep. And sleep I do.  Next thing I know it is 9:20 AM. MrsCorC? is getting ready for work and I am left wondering what to do with the day. Will I Use My Time Wisely, even though Mrs Shanholtz, my First Grade teacher, is not around to report on me?

I’m writing this blog post, perhaps going to an AA meeting, then I’m going swimming.  There’s straightening to do in anticipation of the FIOS/Verizon guy coming on Wednesday. There is dinner to fix.

Busy. Busy. Busy.  Who keeps score, now that Mrs Shanholtz isn’t around?