Mistress Keyboard is demanding her due as I sit before her.  All she wants is for me to pour out my very soul to her.

1). I was completely unprepared to work in the world of business-to-business sales for as long as I did. All through it I felt the way I did when I walked into a fraternity rush event at a house that was interested only in  old family money and a Social Register pedigree. Out. Of. Place.  I only worked in that environment for thirty-five years. Go figure.

2). Sex without Love is totally inauthentic to me. On the other hand, my sexual desire can  delude me into thinking that I am in love with a woman, so I can have guilt-free sex.  What happens, of course, is that I create havoc in the lives of others and myself. Then  I ultimately fall in love with a lady whose libido is a casualty of menopause. Can you say irony? Still being in love  beats the alternative any day of the week.

3). A sexual imagination (aka Dirty Mind) is a marvelous resource.  It turns the mundane into the exotic in the firing  of a neuron.  Loading the dishwasher can become an exquisite ordeal.

“Have I pleased you, Mistress?”