I never imagined I would have a nightmare wherein my smartphone disintegrated and I lost my shoes. Richmond has a lot of old neighborhoods; many in various states of gentrification. I imagined a neighborhood with artists, and restored movie theatres and houses being rehabilitated.  There was a street festival in progress and I found myself near an old tobacco factory that had been turned into something else. I got lost. There were people appearing from earlier in my life, sleeping in strange rooming houses and the festival going on and a Greek restaurant nearby.  I tried to call Mrs CorC?.  It was here that my phone literally fell apart. I had old bosses appearing, promoting products, and we needed passes to get somewhere.  I noticed my shoes were missing and I needed help retrieving them. While we were waiting for an Amtrak train to stop, I woke up.

It wasn’t a horrible dream, just confusing. Am I supposed to spend the rest of the day figuring it out?  But there’s other stuff to do; AA, swimming at the Y, finding some fish to fix tonight.

Mrs CorC? had a conference call this morning. I teased her that it was about having too many conference calls. Every time she has a conference call, I thank God I am retired.