Slightly Naughty. Using Grownup Words. Use Caution.

Jimmy climbed into the roomy double headed shower stall, spray coming from both ends, so no showering buddy gets left out. He welcomed the hot water pounding his tense neck and shoulders. It was a pulsating needle spray that was having a most salubrious effect on his work-stressed body. Looking down at his fingernails, Jimmy noticed the corona of grime about his nails and fingertips. “Unsatisfactory”, thought he as he applied the nailbrush, filled with pumice to the nails, till they were as pristine as a surgeon’s, better yet, a gynecologist’s, for his purposes.

Looking up, he saw Felicia at the shower door, holding a tray with the iced hibiscus tea they both were fond of, its red so inviting in the acrylic tumblers, made even more so by the sprig of mint and lime wedge. He opened the door; she walked in, putting the tumblers on the back ledge, out of range of the shower spray. Her hands went to work on his shoulders and neck, a splendid accompaniment to the needle spray.

“Nice.”, he said.

“Shush” she said. “you just relax.” Taking the natural sponge, she squirted the fragrant lavender Castille soap into the sponge and watched the lather build. She went to work soaping his back and legs, Turning him she scrubbed his chest and arms. She reached for the bottle of peppermint soap and squirted a bit of it into his pubes. Working up the lather, she soaped his prick, looking into his eyes as the tingle of the peppermint gave that extra bit of stimulation to his member. When her fingers were nice, slick, tingly and soapy she set to washing his scrotum,  perineum, and anus. He smiled and she smiled too, as her finger worked its way into him.  She had freer range to fully explore his ass.  His body was hers to please and enjoy. She relished these shows of power, making him even harder, his cock pulsing in her soapy hand.  Then she stopped, just shy of his release.

“You just relax, Big Boy. No need to hurry.”  Squirting more soap into the sea sponge she scrubbed his back, his buttocks, stopping to give them an appreciative squeeze.