I have no idea what’s going to come out of my fingers this afternoon/evening. Yesterday I started walking again. I did 4 miles. The weather was more like April than January. Today, it is winter again, cold and windy. Today I walked 2 miles, more to let my body ease into a routine than anything else. I like watching the neighborhood dogs and the neighborhood children. We have Corgis, huskies, whippets. They all have their own dog personalities.  The children like to play; basketball, bicycling, riding their scooters.  They are children and they have fun. What more can one ask?  The mothers take their babies out in their strollers.  Life goes on.

I want to walk and swim on the same days.  I think my body will thank me for it.  I’ve swum a couple of times this year. The bronchitis really got me on the exercise.  Doing both swimming and walking will have beneficial aerobic benefits and also strengthen arms and shoulders, legs and lower back.  And burn calories. I need to burn calories.