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( I wrote this post two years ago when I thought Senator Kaine had a modicum of decency about him. That was before his moral cowardice on abortion truly disturbed me, before his going along with the travesties of of the current Democrat coup d’etat in slow motion has crippled this nation, before the FBI and DOJ’s perversion of the FISA process brought shame to that great law enforcement agency. So long, Tim)

The buzz around Richmond today centers around Mrs. Clinton’s Vice-Presidential selection, Tim Kaine.  He is well-liked in these parts. Republicans who don’t agree with him respect him as a decent guy who lives by his principles.  A friend of mine who went to high school with his wife admires him tremendously.  His father-in-law,  Linwood Holton, was the first Republican governor since Reconstruction.  Governor Holton kept his children in the Richmond Public Schools when white flight, accelerated by a mandatory busing court order, dramatically changed the demographics of the schools.  Tim’s a good guy and the son-in-law of a good guy.

But enough politics. Today was my Weight Watchers weigh-in and meeting. I lost another 1.6 pounds and could break the 200 pound barrier as early as next week.  There is one remarkable lady at this meeting who is always cheerful, shares from her heart and invariably has something wise to say. I told her that she was the reason I came to this meeting, even though it starts at 7:30 AM. She was genuinely touched and cried when I told her.  I was surprised at her response because I thought everybody in the whole wide world could see that she was a truly remarkable woman and that she must have heard that praise day in and day out.  Moral of Story:  Do not ever hold back praise! Never. Ever.

I got a haircut yesterday and I really like what Karina, my barber at Sport Clips, did. She did something to the back that looks pretty good.  Hopefully I got it to post right.  There were several young boys in there with their mothers getting haircuts and it was fun to watch them. One little boy, maybe 8, looked very, very serious when told  to sit still. And still he sat, as if he were sitting on a land mine that would go off if he so much as flinched. He looked pretty sharp, cleaned up.

My big plans for dinner evaporated when Mrs C or C? worked late again.  It was OK. I was basically too tired to cook. There is a nice piece of sockeye salmon waiting in the fridge I can cook tonight or tomorrow.

The sex piece with Mrs C or C? is still a work in progress. Don’t think for a moment that the only people messed up around sex were raised Catholic.  She was raised Southern Baptist.  We shall see.  (Note: Both parties being awake and in the same room at the same time increase the likelihood of meaningful dialogue taking place.  Baby Steps)