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Monday, I had an appointment with my internist, whom I had not seen since my pre-surgery physical last September. I am feeling pretty good but certain things need to be looked at. Twinkle The Nurse checked my weight, 204 pounds (92.5 kg/ 14 stone 8 lb), down from 222 lbs (100.69 kg / 15 stone 12 pound). Then the blood pressure 120/80. Perfecto. September’s was 152/90. So I’m starting the visit with two big wins. Next, the doctor comes in. He is old enough to be my son, so I already feel old. He checks my heart. It is there and it beats the way it’s supposed to. When I ask about a digital prostate exam, he tells me that unless I’m showing any symptoms of prostate enlargement or the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) enzyme is elevated as shown by the blood test, they don’t bother with a digital exam, unless I request it. After my surgeries, a finger in my rectum is not a big deal, but I would just as soon not have a digital exam, even though I wore clean underwear that day. I get a referral for a gastroenterologist to do an endoscopy since it’s been ten years since the last one of those. I go to the lab collection area to get the blood drawn. The doctor visit is over. The next day, Twinkle The Nurse calls to tell me all is well on the lab values, PSA is normal and the prediabetic condition of September’s visit has disappeared.

I celebrate the successful doctor visit by sleeping three hours when I get home.I have a counseling session that afternoon. I began some counseling (psychotherapy) after some unresolved issues came up after my brother’s death in December, 2014. The therapist and I worked through those issues in the next eighteen or so months. Another win. I celebrate this visit with lunch at Silver Diner, a nice restaurant, based out of the Washington, DC area. I get the mango vegetarian stir-fry. and am happy with the choice. it has edamame mixed in with the bits of fresh mango and is served over quinoa pasta.

Now, the pool. Although I’ve been swimming regularly for almost 42 years, I still get antsy before almost every visit to the pool. I don’t know why, but I do. I get to the Y, start the swim and all is well after I finish the first 50 meters. I set a goal to swim five days in a row, swimming 2050 meters each day. I have a little trepidation because of my rotator cuff repair as well as the fusion. Climbing into the pool is a big deal. The fusion doesn’t allow me to gracefully slip into the water at the shallow end. I now have to use a ladder. but that’s no big deal. The flip turn, on the other hand, is now a thing of the past, unless I miraculously get some flexibility back as my recovery progresses. Yesterday I finished the five day consecutive swims goal I set last Saturday. The feeling of meeting a goal like that is unbeatable. I was contemplating a swim today, but I know I need a rest day.

Yes. I am happy and satisfied.