The stroll back to the car was filled with chit-chat of the beauty of Spring, the food at the diner, and whether the person in the booth next to them with the heavy makeup in the miniskirt was a cross-dresser or not. They both agreed yes. The Adam’s apple was the giveaway, although she wished that person would come do her make-up, just once.

“I wanna see if it works, if more guys would come on to me.”

“Let’s see whether you need more guys, OK?”

“Are you auditioning for Boy Friend?” she asked, half-teasing.

“Yes I am”.

“Well I guess it’s time for the Elimination Round,” she announced, as they arrived at her car. “Get in.”

He could hardly believe he was ever this excited about any other woman as he was about her. He climbed in the passenger seat, clicked the seat belt, wondering where they would go.  A half hour later, the car rolled into her driveway. She turned off the engine.

“We’re here,”. They casually walked to the front steps; she opened the door; they walked in.

“Didn’t see cars in the neighbors’ driveways. Hope they’re at work. Don’t want to be known as the neighborhood slut, bringing men home at high noon.”

‘Wouldn’t be prudent”.

As soon as the door closed, he took her in his arms, and kissed her the way he had wanted to since the morning. His tongue and her’s were quickly  probing, dueling, joining,  as his hands stroked her back. She was still wearing his white shirt and he felt no bra closure when he caressed her back.. His hands moved further down, slipped in the back of her jeans. No panties either. His erection got even harder at the realization she was going “commando”.

“Undress. I want you naked,” she commanded. He complied. The Brooks Brothers blue oxford button-down went first, then the wife-beater, (although she wouldn’t have minded if that stayed), then  the khakis fell in a heap at his ankles. He took his Weejuns off to make getting the trousers completely off that much easier. No socks, she noticed.

“Got me a Grade A Preppie White Boy!” she exclaimed. “Pulling those boxers off will be my pleasure.” Her hands jerked them down in one motion and as they fell, his cock sprang out.

As he reached to unbutton her shirt, she stopped him.

“What’s your hurry?” She began kissing his body slowly, while he stood there. Her mouth and her hands went everywhere,  everywhere except to his erection, which she very deliberately ignored. Her fingers trace the crack of his ass, one probing just a bit, to see if he liked to have his asshole teased. At the slight push to his anus, she felt his cock jerk. He smiled. She smiled.

She finally grabbed his penis and led him to the bedroom by it.

“Lie down. On your back.”  pointing to her bed.  It was then that she unbuttoned the oversized white shirt, revealing her tits. Then she wiggled out of her jeans, pushing them over her hips and stepping out of them.

From the foot of the bed, she crawled to him, til her pussy was by his face. Straddling his head with her thighs , he inhaled her odor.

“I see you like to sniff cunt.”  he nodded, showing astonishment at her  use of the “C”-word.

“You see, women have cunts.  Silly girls and  cock teasers have pussies. Now let’s see if you can use that tongue for anything better than talking or licking ice cream cones. Oh. and take your time. Fucking is not a timed competition”.

He never thought it possible to lose himself in cunt, but he did. He gave up every idea he ever had about cunnilingus. His standard Fucking Formula suddenly left his repertoire.  Her labia became his Universe and he traced them with his tongue; she lifted his head to bring it to her clit and he worshiped it lazily, picking up the tempo of his licking only when her breathing increased. He sensed her crisis coming.

She cried out, “Don’t you dare stop!” and he licked and sucked on as wave after wave of her orgasms swept her.

As he felt her relax, he made his move, lifting her off of him, turning her onto her hands and knees and mounting her, his penis filling her hungry cunt, and as he thrust, he slapped her ass, the stings eliciting moans. As he felt his orgasm approach, her spread her ass cheeks, rubbed a gob of spit on her asshole and inserted a finger, probing as his cock shot his hot semen up her vagina.

They collapsed in a heap.

“Guess you don’t need help with your makeup from Princess I-Wonder.”

“Guess not. Let’s get under the covers. I’m cold.”