Evidently the best time to talk to a claims examiner at an insurance company about a disability claim is Friday afternoon. Imagine my surprise when the claims examiner picked up the phone on the first ring. Fully expecting voice mail, I found myself speaking with Jessica, the claims examiner. I was immediately reminded of a Seinfeld episode where Jerry does a monologue about calling someone, only to be disappointed when the person answers and there is no rollover into voice mail.  We had a brief and friendly conversation. She did have the doctor’s statement and  patient notes. She would review with the appropriate people and get back to me within the hour. We shall see, but my experience with her tells me she does what she says she’s going to do. Soon I will know if the logjam has been breached.

The insurance companies have protocols and procedures to be followed in order to review and pay (or not pay) claims.  I liken it to court etiquette at Versailles in the Eighteenth Century or in Vienna during the waning years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  If my “papers are in order” (use your best Major Strasser from Casablanca voice), the claim will be paid.

Stay tuned.

The wheels of fate grind on mercilessly. No word yet. And I’m tired. It will be 1800 Hours Central Time in twentytwo minutes. We ate overpriced food at a swankier restaurant, all the while waiting for The Phone Call. I am going to bed at 1900 Hours Eastern Time for some kind of rest.
Adios, amigos.