A glance of my watch showed 15:06 when I shifted to stop watch function. I started my walk, seeking just an even, steady, sustainable pace. The weather was most cooperative and the pavement wet, but not icy. I time myself for 2 miles and today I finished my 2 mile walk in 29:15. I keep going and do my next 5 circuits at what I think is a slower pace. I discover that I finished the four mile total walk in under 60 minutes. The watch showed 16:04 when I stopped.  I have dreams of running again, running curtailed for all intents and purposes 30+ years ago when I first injured my back. (Note to self: Keep ego in check, when making this decision). As my buddy John K points out, there are plenty of good aerobic choices.

Inside again. There is mail to go through and toss out. A box has come from Amazon with a copy of a Sam Peckinpah film Major Dundee, starring Charlton Heston, Richard Harris, Jim Hutton, and James Coburn. I have learned that the studios mangled more than one Peckinpah film in the theatrical release and Major Dundee is one of them. We shall see.

But first my shower. What marvelous, warm, wet, naked luxury!  And then body lotion and clean clothes.  Is it Winter, really? Yes. It is Virginia, not the Cayman Islands and naked is still an indoor state of mind and body.  My neighbors are cool but not that cool.

J is home. J is hungry.  It is Taco Night at the local sports bar, so off we go.  We see our next door neighbor at the restaurant.  She waits tables there.  She is a 20-something girl jock (tennis) and fits right in. She asks about my back. I give her the update, bragging about my walking.  She is impressed.  She told us she broke up with her roommate/GF.  We expected as much when we saw the GF giving a long good bye kiss to somebody NOT her roommate the other day.   NOTE TO WORLD:   Life ain’t easy for anybody.