Note: This is my first foray into erotic fiction. Comments are welcome. Criticism urged. Plagiarism, No.
Here it was 3:30 on a Friday afternoon. Jimmy had just secured the last lug nut with the air wrench, completing the tire change. New tires too. Not a lot of profit, just enough to not feel to bad about taking Felicia out to dinner tonight or tomorrow. He looked at the completed work order stack, the work in progress stack and  the pending stack  All orders were nestled snugly in the completed stack. Wanda, his office manager, could handle the customers coming in to pay and pick up their vehicles. He was done for the week, ready for the weekend, a long weekend with Labor Day on Monday. In addition, the children were on their way to Felicia’s parents’ house and a special Grandchildren Spoil-A-Thon was in the works for them. What the Heck, it’s the end of summer; the kids are deserving of some spoiling. The text from Felicia as he left the parking lot confirmed the children were at Gram’s.

Turning out of the parking lot, he wondered how long had it been since He and Felicia had been completely alone, child-free and carefree for 72 hours.  Plenty to ponder, nothing to plan.  After all, who wants sex on a schedule? A stallion at stud? Perhaps. A scheduling freak? For sure.

It did not seem like a long drive home. He saw her Volvo in the driveway. She’s back, he thought. He let himself in, finding the house strangely quiet, except for the music, emanating from the bedroom. Beethoven’s Fifth. Final movement. Her music; the drama in the chords and orchestration meant one thing. He knew what to expect. Quietly treading the stairs, he spied her through the crack in the door he knew she purposely left ajar. He saw her on the bed, the flowered red silk kimono, open and gathered and bunched at her waist, her thighs open. With one hand, she spread her labia, the other guided the wand vibrator up and down on her exposed sex. Fascinated, he watched as she moved it, varying pressure, directing it from lips to clitoris, elusively teasing herself, then hard and direct.

He felt his cock hardening as she approached her climax, her body tensing and she screamed as she came and came and came again. He knew what would follow and each time she squirted he was astonished as the first time he saw her squirt,soaking the towel placed beneath her ass.

She was quiet in her afterglow.  After a few minutes, she sensed his presence.

“Hello Big Boy” (her pet name for him)

“Hello yourself Slut (his pet name for her). That was some show.”

“Wanna see the replay?”

Sure enough, she had the camera on a tripod, positioned to record her “Quality Alone Time.”

“I see your mind is as dirty as it was the night we got it on in the back of that hearse I was fixing in the shop.”

“‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’. John Keats said that. And what is more beautiful than a dirty mind coupled with a passionate heart?”

“Amen, Slut. Now get your ass out of bed, pour me some iced tea, and join me in the shower. We have three days to play like we’ve never played before. And don’t worry about what to wear this weekend.”