This vacation saw me getting back to an exercise regimen. I did a 40 minute walk on the beach Monday. Wednesday, I decided that $10/visit is a small price to pay for a little satisfaction and aliveness. So I  spent the. ten bucks and went to the Y. The Outer Banks YMCA is a nice facility. The locker room is a tad spartan, but there is a sauna.

I already shared about Wednesday’s swim. Thursday I swam 2050 meters. Yesterday I did 1650 meters. My stomach was a little unsettled, so I stopped at 1650 meters, just over a mile. The great feeling post-workout is that sense of emotional well-being and euphorbia that an aerobic workout provides.

Diet-wise, I have been been eating lots of grilled seafood. The scale at the Y appears to be inaccurate. So I will check my weight at home.