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One of my favorite episodes  of  Rocky and Bullwinkle is based on the premise that Bullwinkle could remember everything he ever ate,  One particular item he consumed was a banana on which, written on the peel, the formula for making the silent explosive “Hush-A-Boom” was recorded.  All I remember about the formula was the final ingredient, “a pinch of salt.”  Why I mention this is that I returned to Weight Watchers after an eighteen month hiatus.  I have regained some weight (Surprise! Surprise!),  up to 208.8 lbs as of Saturday, May 17th.   I really enjoy WW. I like being accountable and mindful of what I eat. I measure my portions.   I carry my lunch and snacks to work with me.  What is hard is the food diary, recording the stuff.  I am aware of my “points”, but , after working three ten-hour days in a row,  I just want a few precious more minutes of down-time during the day.  So, like Bullwinkle, I am remembering eveything I ever ate, in order that i can record them on my record, maybe.